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    Warther Cutlery

    Warther kitchen cutlery is made by 3rd and 4th generation Warthers, using the same old world craftsmanship passed down by Ernest “Mooney” Warther. Using the finest materials, the kitchen knives are designed and crafted for comfort and durability. The kitchen knives are made from CPM® S35VN and are tempered to a Rockwell C 58-60. The kitchen knives are polished to a convex grind, which can only be accomplished by hand grinding. This assures the kitchen knives retain a razor-like edge with just a light honing. The tooling design on the blade is done by hand and has been the Warther trademark since 1907. The blade runs completely through the handle for stability and balance. The handles are made of layers of birch and are riveted on the blades. 

    It's more than a knife...It's a Warther.

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